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January 2021 - Present

 January 2021 - Present

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 February - December 2017

 June - July 2015


Bard College
Annandale-On Hudson, NY                                                                                        
Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Computer Science and Viola Performance



I-V Curves and Diodes Demystified / Solar Energy International

I-V curves, how they aggregate, and what different curve shapes indicate, including proper
operation - and failures of - bypass diodes. 


computer science experience

Data Scientist, UCLA Graeber Lab                                                                                                   

  • Authored 3D Principal Component Analysis script that allowed biologists to visualize the first 3 components in a 3D space resulting in a more informative summary of cell line/ tumor clustering patterns of cancer data facilitating new observations. Output data plots have been showcased at the UCLA Melanoma P01 Retreat 2022 + in upcoming Covid research paper. Utilized R + rgl library


  • Implemented ARACNE (Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Accurate Cellular Networks) and Viper (Virtual Inference of protein activity by Enriched Regulon Analysis) on the Uveal Melanoma gene expression cell line and tumor data to gain information on cell protein activity enabling the identification of significant genes. Made data interpretable via statistical and data visualization methods i.e. heatmaps, t tests, principal component analysis, anova tests, Dplyr/Tidyr libraries, R, and Bash.


  • Coded DeSeq (Differential expression analysis for sequence count data) specific Principal Component Analysis R scripts using Signed Log P Value and Log Focal Change for reducing dataset dimensionality and improved interpretability resulting in visualized cancer and non-cancer data plots.


Data Scientist, UCLA Metabolomics Center                                                                                  

  • Integrated my updated version of the Natural Isotope Correction Algorithm into the lab’s current Metabolomics pipeline, resulting in greater accuracy for computed Metabolomics datasets. Utilized R and Python.


  • Regularly executes R pipeline code for the UCLA Metabolomics Center, that takes raw Metabolomics data from the mass spectrometer, improves its readability, accuracy, and outputs data files such as heat maps and PCAs before sending the results off to clients.


  • Streamlined existing Metabolomics pipeline scripts to automatically download pre-processed client data and GitHub scripts, perform accurate filtering to remove insignificant data peaks, applied more robust data manipulation queries, and added informative error messages to improve the reliability of the R scripts and increase turnaround for clients from labs across UCLA, Caltech, Stanford, UCSD, etc.Used GoogleDrive API + Devtools via R


Computation Team Intern, UCLA Graeber Lab & UCLA Metabolomics Center              


  • Implemented updated Natural Isotope Correction Algorithm for the lab’s Metabolomics pipeline, enabling improved accuracy for single and double labeled isotopologue datasets. Utilizes R and Python.


Author, “Thinking Outside the Box,” Senior Thesis                                                              

  • Coded Java application that using images of assembled shipping boxes, estimates the volume of any size box enabling shipping/ moving optimization that is based on both weight and dimension.

  • Completed as a 60+ page Computer Vision based senior thesis. 


YapStone Intern, RentPayment Vertical                                                                                                     

  • Conducted competitive audit, case study, marketing/ product development strategies for the RentPayment sector using thorough research abilities to provide Yapstone with knowledge of their competitors, influence on consumers, and strategic marketing plans targeting millenials.

  June - July 2015  

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