Data Scientist

BA Computer Science, Bard College

BA Music, Bard College

Los Angeles, California

Coding a Better World

Data science and Computer science are power tools and it's up to those who have those skills to decide where to use them. Just like any power tool, you need to use them with purpose. Better understanding, optimal health, communication and a revitalized planet. I use them as tools for good.  In Highschool I read the Ethics of Tech and I never looked back. In college, I majored in computer science and viola performance in a rich liberal arts environment. I learned to learn. I am super curious and able to understand about the  knowledge spaces in which I work whether its Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Finance or Social Capital, I aim for excellence elegance and fluidity in programs. R, Python, github, and I pride myself on effective and human - centered communication with my teams and colleagues. I currently work at the Metabolomics Lab at UCLA, managing data for their pipeline and building 3d programs to better visualize data. I am equally at home with Biologists, Physicists, Musicians, Children, Engineers, Farmers, Feminists, Janitors, Designers and Investors and anyone willing to work to build the kind of world we all want to live in